Complimentary Personalisation

Each Gemstone Fob is handmade to order, with your choice of gemstone and complimentary engraving service. Please contact Fleur Fairfax to discuss personalised engraving options for the Fob.

The Gemstone Fob

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Handmade in 18ct gold, the Fleur Fairfax Gemstone Fob takes it’s design inspiration from an original decorative fob seal circa 1835.

The Fob is a handmade-to-order custom piece. 

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Handmade to Order - Lead Time: 4-6 weeks
Complimentary Personalisation

The Story

Fleur Fairfax Jewellery

The Gemstone Fob is inspired by an original decorative gold fob seal circa 1835.

In the Georgian age, fobs were ubiquitous ornamental male accessories, decorative letter seals that adorned a gentleman’s watch chain. Beauty and originality were the order of the day; fobs were a representation of status, wealth, and family history.

Re-born as a women’s fine jewellery pendant, the design of the FF Fob retains much of the original’s unusual graphic shape and intricate rope work and beading. Our Fob is enlivened by the use of classic and symbolic Georgian gemstones, reenforcing our design dedication to Regency style.    

The Details

This substantial pendant is finished with a hand-set carnelian gemstone. Often featured in Regency jewellery, carnelian symbolised courage, passion, and good luck.

The carnelian in our Fobs is natural and untreated, therefore each piece has individual colour saturation which is unique to that stone.

Each Gemstone Fob is handmade to order, with a choice of gemstone and complimentary engraving service.

Handmade in England.
8ct Gold, natural, untreated carnelian
19 g
Additional information
The gemstones used in FF Fobs are responsibly sourced from a Jaipur gemstone manufacturing house that complies with CIBJO industry standards, and has a verified ethical supply chain.